Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolution SEVEN: Declutter

I wanted to have this "Resolutions List" thing wrapped up by January 31st, and it almost happened, but then life happened and I got tired and went to bed that night instead of writing.  So here we are on February 1st (Feb 2nd when you're reading this) and here I am contemplating number EIGHT!

SEVEN:  Declutter, snuck up on me, but is something I need to do so badly I just couldn't leave it off the list.  This is the year, and it might take every bit of this year to accomplish it, but I think this is finally the year to tackle my STUFF!  And, oh baby, this is a big one for this girl.  You see...I have a LOT of stuff and in my mind it all has the potential to be needed and called upon at some point so, it is therefore not junk, but stuff.  Or, more Supplies for what?  Supplies for being me!

In a recent post I described how I feel like I have this fog in my mind and I really think that getting rid of some of the excess stuff in my life will help clear that fog and free my mind from the burden I feel just knowing the stuff is there.

My friend Helen in England inspired this resolution with her recent series of posts called The Sling.  She, too, was feeling the need to purge some of the clutter in her space.  I really like how she chose something different to go through every day.  This method of breaking things down works for me because looking at my "supplies" as a whole is terribly daunting.

I have decided to make a list of all the different categories I want to sort through and then get started in my house.  Once I get the house done I'll work my way to the barn full of boxes that haven't even been unpacked since we moved here this Summer...yikes!  I may need a different method for tackling that!

So here are my categories:
Shoes, hats, jewelry, purses/bags, clothes, books, magazines, kitchen utensils, and most importantly...TOYS!  (Toys are seriously taking over our house.)

Now I just have to decide what I'm going to do with all of the stuff once I get it all gathered up.  Any ideas?


  1. Send all hats, jewelry, purses/bags, clothes, books, magazines to me. You can keep the toys and the shoes. I have way too many toys and shoes, well, I wear a size 11.5 and I'm guessing you don't. ;)

  2. Or... if you're feeling crazy. There is a neighborhood wide garage sale up here in April. You can drive up your stuff and we can spend a day hanging out and getting rid of our crap. ;)