Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrating 5000 Pageviews!

     When I skipped right over the one year birthday of my blog in February I decided I'd celebrate my 5000th pageview instead.  So for the past few weeks I've been checking my stats periodically, and sure enough, today I hit 5,000...5,073 to be exact!  No big deal in the world of serious bloggers, I'm sure, but a big deal to me.  People from around the world- US, Germany, Canada, UK, Russia, South Korea, Romania, France, China, Netherlands- have stopped by to read my ramblings.  They might not stay, and they might not "follow", but they stopped by and that seems CRAZY to me!  So...happy 14 1/2 month 5,073rd pageview to my little corner of the blogosphere!  Writing, sharing, and creating here has changed my life.

     These are a few of my favorite posts from the past year-
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Round Top, Texas Spring 2011

  I relish the thought of my children going back through the archives of this blog some day, reading my thoughts, enjoying my pictures, and getting a peek into their childhood and their mother's heart.  This is my legacy.

What you see is what you get,

Outside Lisa

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