Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Things

I have two things to share today...

Number 1-  Look at the beautiful lettuce and herbs I picked from the garden today.  Somehow these have survived many freezing Winter nights and we were able to eat a fresh salad for dinner tonight.  It just rained, so I didn't even have to wash them!  That's one of the benefits of growing organic:)  I did shake them off in case they were harboring any little bugs.  I learned that lesson the hard way!

What you see is purple leaf lettuce, arugula, parsley, oregano, and some rosemary.  I made a salad with the lettuce and arugula along with some spinach I had in the fridge and topped it with chopped walnuts, goat cheese, and a lemon and garlic infused olive oil dressing I like to make.  The oregano and parsley complimented my spaghetti sauce and I chopped the rosemary and added it to a plate of olive oil and sea salt for the french bread.  Yes the bread was a splurge, but the meal was otherwise very healthy and the greens added such a wonderful surprise!  I am definitely going to remember how well lettuce and herbs do during the Winter when I am planting my Fall garden next year.

Number 2-  Turns out I'm much better at following New Year's Resolutions when I call them resolutions.  The New Year's Intentions thing isn't working out for me.  So...I am hereby restarting year on February 1st with my list of RESOLUTIONS for 2012.  Same list, different name.  Maybe this time they will stick!

Resolutions for 2012
Get back to writing
Manage my time better
Re-committ to Eating Right for My Blood Type
Take my yoga practice to a deeper level
Start playing my guitar again
Organize and simplify
Seek out creativity and adventure
Host an art and creative living retreat
Take care of the ones I love

Over & out,
Outside Lisa

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  1. I can't believe you were able to harvest these in February - that is when you did, right? Yummy. There is nothing better than fresh veggies and herbs from the garden.