Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Boy is 6

My little boy is turning six today and these pictures from a year ago caught my eye and reminded me how important it is to stop and smell the roses.  He's growing so fast and I want to soak every moment with him in and savor every drop.

I try really hard to instill a love and appreciation for the beauty of God's creation in my kids. We really do have so much to be thankful for in our lives.  The simple pleasures of green grass underfoot, fresh cool creek water, the shelter and majesty of giant Cypress trees, the loyalty of a new pup, and the freedom to run are all things we live with and can easily take for granted.  But I want my children to pause when they see a beautiful sunset, take in the smell of the Mountain Laurel blossoms and the sweet musk of the Sycamore trees.  And I never want to lose the ability to view the world through their eyes.

Happy birthday my sweet sonshine!  You bring my life such joy.  I treasure every day with you and love you with every ounce of my soul.  Keep being you...God's perfect little you.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Today was the cherry on top of the already great weekend I was having.  My husband and children orchestrated the perfect Mother's Day celebration for me, my mom, and Lezlie, my step-children's mom.  They prepared a breakfast feast that was out of this world.  The table was set with bright colored breakfast plates, there were flowers, cards, even chocolate covered strawberries made by Jackson!  All that was missing was our "glad to be finished with her first year of college" college girl, Dylan!  

I am so blessed to have such amazing kids and a husband that celebrates and appreciates not only me, but his mother, my mother, and my step-children's mother.  There are not many families like ours and some would even say we're crazy, but it sure feels good to sit down together with all of the pieces that make our family whole.  It takes a lot of love to raise five children and we're doing it together and supporting each other every step of the way.  I like that all of our kids can love each of their parents and grandparents openly and freely and even under the same roof on special occasions like today.  I sure felt blessed to be a mom and stepmom today!  

Mom- Thank you for being you and for loving me and my babies with your whole heart.  I can never thank you enough for all you do.

Lynda- I couldn't ask for a more loving and supportive mother-in-law/cheerleader.  I love you and enjoy having you in my life so much.  Thanks, also, for teaching Roger to respect and celebrate the institution of motherhood.

Lezlie- Thank you for allowing me to love and share your three angels.  Thank you, also, for loving my babies and my parents like they are your family.  You are a very special person.

This is the card Harrison made me.  I love the picture he drew of us together.  This really says it all!


Hope your day was filled with sunshine and rainbows!