Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fredericksburg, Texas Show & Tell

"Scarlett" is a boutique I recently discovered in Fredericksburg, Texas and it's my new favorite place to shop for cute clothes (besides my sister-in-law's shop, but that's another post!).  I love the tag line on the sign...Beautiful. Strong. Timeless.  Could someone please arrange to have that carved into my tombstone???  The sales staff is amazing.  There's one gal there that helps me put together outfits and keeps bringing me things even if I don't ask her just because she thinks they might look good on me.  That's my kind of place 'cause let me tell you, I need all the help I can get in the outfit puttin' together department!  Excellent prices, too!  I highly recommend you check it out next time you're in Fred.  Just be sure to call me to make sure we're not going to be wearing the same thing if we happen to show up at the same party!  Why does this post make me talk in a Southern accent when I read it back?!!  Guess it's the name;)

One more thing...if you haven't gotten your peaches yet this Summer you're about to run out of time.  Sounds like we only have a couple more weeks left of this peach season.

My favorite spot for peaches in the Texas Hill Country is Marburger Orchard.  I have tried other places and the peaches are probably just as good, but I really like this little farm and the way they do things.

I have BIG plans for these little dandys!  Peach cobbler and peach preserves to name a couple.  You just can't beat Fredericksburg peaches.

Here's the info for my favorite orchard.  They also grow strawberries, blackberries, and various vegetables throughout the Spring and Summer.  Just make sure you show up there with cash or a check.  They do not take credit cards.  And no one will tell you this but me, because unfortunately I learned the hard way, don't leave your berries laying around the kitchen for long.  Do what you're going to do with them right away.  Like within the same day.  They go bad SO quickly.  The peaches, on the other hand, will last longer and will even need to sit out a bit to finish ripening.  You'll need to take all of that into consideration before you venture out there.

Well, that's my 10 cents!  Check out "Scarlett" and get your peaches QUICK!  And if you don't want to, well frankly my dear, I don't give a dang!

Outside Lisa

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sweet Life!

     Each day I wake up with a whole new list of things to do and decisions to make and I never really know for sure how things might unfold.  All I know for sure is that attitude is everything.  You can make it or break it depending on the kind of attitude you choose to have before you put your feet on the floor.  Today I woke up with a terrible headache and it lasted all day long.  I told myself to shake it off, but it wouldn't shake.  I tried to pretend it was getting better, but it didn't.  I could have easily made my way back to bed to try to sleep it off, but I had better things to do.  Way more important things to do!  Like...

go to work to check on the guys who are trimming the gorgeous perennials,

wear the new bracelet I made with my two good girlfriends,

try Em's new apron on her...

and cook spaghetti together,
photograph Harrison with his babies,

watch the little ones run excitedly out the front door the greet their Daddy and older brothers and sister

...and enjoy the sweet life I am so blessed to have!

     My headache eventually went away, but not until I jumped into the swimming pool with my kids and held my breath under water for a bit.

Look at all I would have missed out on if I had gone back to bed.  I wouldn't miss this stuff for the world!!!  Here's to livin' each day to the fullest.

Outside Lisa