Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Sonshine

     The other evening as I was picking plums, Harrison brought me some flowers that he picked from our garden.  We planted the seeds together back in the Spring and they are just glorious now.  Zinnias are absolutely one of my favorite things ever.  They are by far my favorite flower. And nothing is better than getting a bouquet from my sweet Sonshine!

It's so wonderful as a mother to watch all the little seeds in my garden grow.  You sow them every day in all that you teach your kids, and with the proper care, they bloom and thrive.  I can only hope that when this little boy grows into the man he will some day become, that he remembers his Mommy's garden and the lessons he learned there-  the bitter charm of the unripe blackberry...the unforgiving prick of a sweet smelling rose...the unyielding hand of Mother Nature...and the blessings God brings to those with the patience to wait.

I am the luckiest mother ever.  Thank you, Harrison, for always thinking of me and for seeing the beauty in all that surrounds us.  You are a special gift God gives me every day!  I love you.  Mommie

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