Thursday, January 27, 2011

Resolution FIVE: Lose the Addiction

     It is my sincere hope that "Mister Coffee", my Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino maker that Roger and the kids got me for Christmas, has what it takes to hold up under the pressure I'm putting on it every day.  It has some really big shoes to fill.  To live up to the green and white crack pusher that comes to me in my dreams and whispers to me ever so sweetly, is no small feat.  Don't get me wrong, Mister Coffee is good at what he does, and I have my concoction down to a science now.  But will I be able to resist the beast down the road?   IT has something Mister Coffee doesn't have.  MAGIC.  There has to be a flock of fairies sprinkling magical coffee bean dust across the land to get the aroma to reach me 15 miles away.  Could it be a super electromagnet that causes my car to veer in it's direction every time I pass by the place?  Or maybe, just maybe caffeine is what they've all being saying it is for years.  A drug.  (The hell you say!) Whatever it is, I'm addicted.  And I don't like being addicted to anything.  That just doesn't fit my program.

     I'm not saying there is no place in my life for Starbucks.  I wheeled in just the other morning and got a cup of hot herbal tea to soothe my scratchy throat and calm my nerves on my way to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist who wants to cut out my uvula.  So, see...there IS a place for Starbucks in my life.  I just want it to be my friend, not my obsession.

Summer Addiction
(I guess I better start working on a homemade version of this one now!)

     So what is this addiction thing all about?  I'm convinced it's not the caffeine I'm addicted to, but the place itself that draws me in.  Sure, the caffeine has something to do with it, but when I'm at home on the weekends, I usually don't even drink coffee and I feel fine.  My theory is that it all goes back to my lack of organization and brain fog.  Without a good plan, it's like Starbucks is the automatic default on my car.  "Hmmm...what do I need to do today?  I know, I'll go to Starbucks and think about it on the way."  Or  "Hmmm...where is that place?  Oh, look, there's Starbucks.  I'll go get my coffee and figure out how to get there."  Or, I'll be driving somewhere talking on my cell phone along the way and look up and "Oh, hey...I'm here and oh cool, looks like I must have gone by Starbucks on the way 'cause there's a coffee in my hand.  Nice!"  Yes, I probably am a danger to society, but the first step to recovery is admitting your addiction, right?  And isn't that what I've done here?  Actually, I've already taken the first COUPLE of steps because I now set out each day with a good solid plan and that plan does not cost me $5!

     For the past two weeks, I've been making my soy cappuccino at home with Mister Coffee.  I use a Starbucks Espresso Roast coffee for the espresso part and I use plain steamed Silk soy milk to make it a cappuccino.  The taste is spot on, I am in the convenience of my own home, and it costs a fraction of the amount I pay for the same thing at Starbucks.  And to top it all off, I add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the froth and it's like aroma therapy in a cup.  I would venture to say, Mister Coffee makes an even MEANER soy cappuccino than his rival.  Now if I can just convince my car of all of this, we'll be in the money!

   So, what's your addiction?  Are you ready to shake it?  I'm making 2011 the year for losing my addiction!

Have a great day,
Outside Lisa

P.S.  Mom, that doesn't mean you should stop buying me those Starbucks gift cards for gifts.  I'll still use them.  They'll just last a lot longer!



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  1. This made me laugh out loud. You're a great writer. ;)