Monday, January 24, 2011

Resolution FOUR: Create.

     I aspire to see every day of this year as an opportunity to CREATE.  It doesn't have to be a masterpiece... just something that can be viewed and treasured by me as a work of art.  On some days, like yesterday, I may have the time to drag out all my paints and paint with the kids.  On other days, it may just be that I cook a beautiful meal, take a pretty photograph, or do a really good job on Em's pigtails.  The idea is that I create something that means something to ME.  Something that comes from me and is food for my creative soul.  Anyone with a creative bone in their body needs this, and I think they do best if they get it often.  But, in my opinion, it requires a way of thinking and an attitude that opens you up and broadens your sense of what ART and CREATING really is...what it means to YOU.  If it turns out that it brightens someone else's day...EXCELLENT!  But the one responsible for brightening my day is ME, no one else.  So, I challenge you to open your mind, get your hands dirty, make a move...any CREATE.  Chances are, you're already doing it.  You just have to recognize it!


Have a great day!
Outside Lisa

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  1. Beautiful. Well said. Inspiring and deep. Thank you. I'm gonna go bust out the crayons now.