Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chicken Louise Lays an Egg

We got a BIG surprise today after lunch.  Dylan came running into the house squealing, "Lisa, I think they laid an egg!" We ran outside and sure enough, we had our first egg!  It is big and white and sure to be really tasty.  We named our white, egg laying girl, Louise.  Louise the white Leghorn chicken! 

This is what it's all about!  Turns out that Harrison is a great pet owner.  He is very protective and attentive of his chickys.  He named the black one, Clucky.  Em broke and ran to make it out the door when Harrison would go out to check on them.  She finds them very funny and wants to pet them really bad.  Poor baby had fever all day today, so we delayed our trip so she can see her doctor tomorrow.  I think her ears, which just got tubes, are infected:(  She felt terrible all day, but the chickens cheered her up!

Loiuse stands guard over her perfect egg.

It was such a beautiful afternoon, we took the girls out for some sunshine and tender, green winter grass.

They were very happy and hungry.  We now have Louise the white Leghorn, Clucky the black Austrolorp, and Henrietta the Rhode Island Red AND an egg to eat for breakfast in the morning!  Great day!

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