Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Date with Destiny

The Zero Cookie

Here's the thing...this morning I'm not Lisa...or Mama...or Mommie...or Outside Lisa...or Lis...or Sis...
I am Zero the Hero!!!

Every 10 days in my son's kindergarten class, Zero the Hero flies in to talk to the students about counting and the number zero.  He/She hands out a special treat and flies off into the morning sun promising to return when 10 more school days have passed.  It has been a tradition in Mrs. W's class for years and today it's my turn.  Harrison has been mentally preparing me saying things like, "Okay, Mommie...I told my friends Zero is going to be a girl tomorrow.  They were expecting a boy."  and "Maybe you shouldn't do that move, Mommie."  "But, Bub, that's my best move."  "Oooookay, you can do it."  These kids are gonna eat my lunch!  I'm prepared though.  I made Zero Cookies.  A tie-died (wow, I really don't know how to spell that) version of my Mom's famous iced sugar cookie.  I will share the entire recipe at a later date.  These are the steps, however, for making my Zero treats.  I am counting on them to save me!  I'm going in!

First you roll out the dough.  I had some in the freezer from the last batch I made, so all I had to do was let it thaw a bit, not too much, though because cold dough is much easier to work with here.  I like my cookies fat, so I don't roll the dough too thin. Maybe 1/3 inch thick?

I used one of those funny soda can toppers to cut out my zero shape.  It worked great!

First I cut out the big circle.

Then I cut out the middle with the smaller end.

Carefully lift the circle and move it to the cookie sheet.

I thought they were too much like "o's" and not zeros, so...

I pinched in the sides a bit to make them look more like a number and not a letter.

Place them in a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes.  I like them nice and soft.

I mixed my icing.  I will post the icing recipe with the cookie recipe later.

I tried something new accidentally.  When I dropped in the food coloring and began to stir I liked how it looked all swirled and not mixed completely.

I dip them in, giving them time to drip any excess icing.

This technique made a nice tie-died effect.  Neat.  I put mine on a paper towel or wax paper lined cookie sheet to let them dry.  This step is critical.  Wet cookies do not stack well and sure are messy!

Okay...I'm off to get my hero sleep.  Zero's going to need some coffee in the morning...it's late and I've got a date with destiny!

Zero the Hero