Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch at Love Creek Apple Orchard

A few weeks ago my Mom and I took my kids to the Pumpkin Patch at Love Creek Orchard in Medina, Texas.  The day began with my two little bambinos sprawled out on the kitchen floor coloring some wooden owl masks.  Harrison wanted to use them in a play that evening around the campfire.  It was quite a busy day...we went to the Pumpkin Patch mid-day and camping with my parents on the ranch where we live that evening.  Needless to say, we were wiped out on Sunday!  It was an awesome way to kick off Autumn.  I will post camping pics next.

Emerson insisted on doing her own hair with her purple headband.  Nice, huh?

Poor Billy got wrangled into going.  He was a good sport and even helped paint pumpkins.

We visited the apple shed and drank some yummy apple cider.

Look at those gorgeous pumpkins and gorgeous babies (if I do say so myself)!  I made it out of there with three big "designer" pumpkins and two painted pie pumpkins.  I wanted more but somehow I managed to control myself.  We rode in a train made out of barrels and pulled by a lawn mower...yes, a lawn mower!  I love these pictures of my beautiful mom with my sweet sweeties sitting on the hay bales waiting for our hayride back to the parking lot.  What a great day and awesome memories!


  1. The whole crew is BEAUTIFUL and so are the PUMPKINS. Love these pictures, thanks for sharing! CInderella

  2. Hey! I was shocked to see a face I recognized when I googled something about the pumpkin patch! Rileys class is going Thursday and I can't wait, looks like loads of fun!
    Lori Griffin

  3. Lori, I will also be there on Thursday with Harrison's class. See you there!