Sunday, October 3, 2010

Squam Art Workshops Fall 2010

I've been home from my trip to Squam Art Workshops for two weeks now and I can't believe it has taken me so long to write about my experience there.  I think it has a lot to do with my tendency to hang on to big events by avoiding the final task on the to do list.  This tendency is why I still have the proofs from my wedding photographer in a box under my bed.  It's hard to let go of momentous occasions like these.  Especially the ones you know have changed your life forever.  This experience really has changed me and my life forever, and as much as I would like to pour over every detail, I have decided to let my photos speak for themselves for the most part.  I think there is magic in the intrigue, and magic is what we all need a little more of these days.

To my instructors-
Thank you, Jen, for opening my eyes through writing and your kind, gentle words.  Your stories are spellbinding and your heart is as big as the lake we gazed upon.  I'm more of a Dr. Phil, but this Texas girl will drink your Kool-Aid any day!  You have a gift.

Beatrice, your class was so much fun and so helpful for what I do in writing and photographing recipes for my blog.  You have changed the way I look at food forever.  Your patient and soulful demeanor made the day such a joy. I will never forget your smiling eyes.  Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

Flora, to put it simply, you are a rock star.  Your captivating presence makes you seem larger than life.  You have a natural gift for teaching.  Before your class I was paralyzed by deciding what to paint.  Your fingers-in-the-paint-no-brushes-needed-get-it-on-your-clothes-create-now-explain-later method is so liberating and fun, it was just what I was missing.  I was a beginner painter who now, thanks to you, considers herself an artist.

To my cabinmates-
Kate, Jen, Monica, Elizabeth, Helen, Aleece, and Cinderella...thanks for the fireside stories, the gut busting laughter, the birthday dip in the frigid lake, the constant atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement, and love.  I can't imagine seven people I'd rather shack up in the woods with!  You all are beautiful and so amazing.  Thank you for giving me a little piece of you so willingly and openly.  You made my Squam!

To Peg-
Your tireless attention to detail and positive attitude are what makes a good thing perfect.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to send Cinderella and I the "Things to do in the area" email that helped make our trip so great.  I loved getting to spend the day with you and your daughter in Beatrice's class.  You are so amazingly kind and true.

To Elizabeth-
You have created such a truly unique and magical experience.  The lake, the trees, the fire, the food all seem like a dream looking back now.  But the faces of people I met, the relationships I made, and the feelings that stirred deep in my soul are still very clear to me.  You are a magic maker, and everyone needs a little magic in their life.  Thank you for having the courage to follow your dream.  I bet you never knew what an impact that would make on so many others.

To Cinderella-
We could have gone our whole married lives just going through the motions at family events year after year having no idea what kindred spirits we are.  Think of all the years we wasted.  Imagine all the years ahead.  I am so blessed to have you as a sister-in-law and so glad I got to share this amazing experience with you.  What an unforgettable adventure!

To those who make the magic,

Outside Lisa


  1. What a great post and slideshow, Lisa! Thank you for capturing Squam in all its beauty and inspiration.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS are the only words I can use to describe your post on our Squam trip. You said it PERFECTLY - ALL OF IT! Squam was a magical place and all the people we shared it with were and are AMAZING WOMEN and I am BLESSED to have had that experience with them all and especially YOU! You are AMAZING and I am BLESSED to have you not just as my sister-in-law but someone that I can call a very special friend and kindred spirit! I look forward to all the years we have going forward and all the the adventures that lie before us. Oh, and if I do say so myself, we travel very well together. Love you! Cinderella

  3. thanks so much for this...I am smiling as I write this.
    Love, Sylvia

  4. well said, and well captured, little lisa! can't wait to see where we go next! :-) love, k-ro.

  5. I am covered in goosebumps at the beauty and truth you managed to capture through the lens of your camera and through your words. Thank you for fanning the flames of my love affair with Squam; it has been such a comfort to me for the past several years. It's a piece of heaven, something to hold on to and something to anticipate all year long.


  6. You are so eloquent, Lisa - those are such moving tributes. And you took some great pictures. And I am more thrilled than I can say that you now consider yourself an artist!

    So very glad to have met you. So very glad to know you now...


  7. What a wonderful post and pictures Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting you and being witness to your relationship with Cinderella in Jen's class on Thursday..

    Karen D