Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Fleas Have Fleas!!!

UPDATE:  So it turns out that the big bad pest control guys are terrified to treat my chickens for fleas.  So we are no better off than the last time we talked.  Now my fleas have fleas and I found one on my arm in the dentist’s office this week.  Really.  That’s it!

NEWS FLASH:  There are liability issues.  They could kill the chickens or if the chickens survive, the poison could get into the eggs and then we consume the eggs and I grow an extra limb.  You know the fear.  If he could guarantee me that the extra limb would be another hand, I might go for it, but with my luck I’d get another butt and boy, that would not be cool!  They want to try diatomaceous earth, which I’ve already tried, but they are really gung ho, and I am desperate.  So I scheduled a full on attack while we went out of town, inside and outside the house and barn.  Two different companies will be on task…one for the house (poison) and one for the yard and chicken pen (organic).  How is it they can justify putting poison in my home, but not in my chicken pen?  There’s something wrong with this picture. 

Goodbye dung beetles, goodbye ladybugs, goodbye organic dreams. 

IT’S ON!!!

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  1. Lol!! Hey! I have an idea!?! Get some of the cap star pills or the other hundred kinds of flea and tick pills they have for dogs, give thoes chickies some of that! If it works for dogs it should be safe?? Then spray;)!