Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Chickens Have Fleas, Oh My!

Flea eyeliner.  Flea earrings.  Flea hairdos.  The girls are literally bald with fleas.  We are in a sad state and I am officially declaring an all-out WAR!  I have exhausted all organic remedies (diatomaceous earth) to no avail.  Sadly, it’s time to call in the big guns…the pest control guy (you should be hearing villain music in your head here).  I must say right now that I do not really think pest control guys are villains.  I just try really hard to be as organic as possible and having to call them for help is like admitting failure for me.  But here’s the thing…when my chickens are miserable and I can’t help them and my seven year old comes home from school saying “Mommie, there were these little guys chewing on my legs today”, it’s time. 

Chickens are very delicate animals.  One false move and CROAK, they’re goners.  However, I have come to the grim conclusion that they are so bad off I might have to put them out of their misery if something doesn’t change soon.  These girls are very dear to me, but I can’t even go near them any more because if I do, I bring fleas into the house.  The way I see it, anything is worth a try now.

Anyone else out there have chickens with fleas?  


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