Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking the Fleas to Their Knees

We returned from our vacation to find the flea population greatly diminished.  None in the house (woohoo!) and chicken’s flea hairdos were cut in half.  Now instead of flea afros, they only have flea mullets!  This was good news, but the girls were still in peril.  I decided that it was time for a big move, so I ordered a custom chicken tractor.  The plans were in one of my favorite magazines, Hobby Farms.  In case you are wondering, a chicken tractor is a chicken pen with wheels so that it can be moved easily and often.   That way the chickens are constantly living on fresh grass and they’re fertilizing the pasture at the same time.  It’s brilliant! I already let them free-range part of every day, but I am really hoping that moving them out of the barn pen that is infested with fleas and into a completely new environment will completely rid them of the pesky little devils once and for all. 

Chicken toes crossed!


  1. just don't strike me as a de-flea-r..or chicken care taker at first glace. CUTE!

  2. Dawn...just goes to show you...never judge a chick by her feathers;)