Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everyone Needs a Back Seat Driver

Okay...I have a couple of new quotes from Harrison that I just have to share because they give you such insight into my daily life! The first one happened while I was driving today and he was in his car seat eating McDonald's chicken nuggets. I had just finished paying for my healthy lunch at the Starbucks drive-thru window and I guess that because I didn't peel out as soon as the guy handed me my sandwich, I was some kind of a sloth or something! Harrison chimed in from the back, "Go, Mommie...GO, MOMMIE!" Man, I just needed to put my credit card back into my wallet. I chimed back, "Hey, back seat driving"! He said, "Mommie, EVERYONE needs a back seat driver!" Can't wait 'til he's 16...hee, hee, hee! Actually, I want to cry just thinking about him getting any older than he is right now. It's all happening way too fast!

The second one happened yesterday. I was working from home as usual and the kids were playing with a new little plastic tea set Emerson got for Christmas. Harrison got a plate from the kitchen to set the tea pitcher and cups on to help serve. We have a thing between us (Harrison and I) where we have to announce to the room when we have to leave to go to the bathroom. It's like unspoken law. So, naturally, when I needed to go, I announced to the room, "I'll be in the bathroom, you guys," and off I went, book in hand. Normally, potty time is the only "me time" I get during the daylight hours. Sad, I know...but so true, and I enjoy this time for myself. Well, lately, I have had an audience. Two persistent little rascals who think it's so, so funny when I point out that I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE BATHROOM ALONE. I know, lock them out you say! If only it was that easy. Em can hear the lock on a door turn like it's the dungeon master and she's about to get locked away forever! Needless to say, it throws her into total emotional breakdown if she thinks she can't get to me. So the door stays unlocked and they inevitably trickel in. This particular day, Harrison really cracked me up with what he said after my announcement. I said, "I'll be in the bathroom, you guys!" He very excitedly proclaimed, "Oh, good...we'll have a tea party in the bathroom!"

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