Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Worst Day I've Had in Years"

Today was another crazy Texas day. There is record breaking snowfall at home, but the kids and I are not there to frolic and play:( It was 35 and raining here, so we were holed up inside the house all day. Cabin fever set in at about six this evening. I couldn't get the kids in bed fast enough! They were like mad dogs who needed to be put down and I was the gate keeping them from all the wonderful things they knew they could be doing if they could just knock down that gate! My son actually told me that this was the worst day he's had in years! Well...he's four!

The high point of the day was a special delivery. My husband sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. He and my son planned the whole thing out and it has been their little secret for days. H was so proud when he heard that knock on the door and saw his plan come to fruition! He has had Valentine's Day on the brain lately and asked me tonight at bed time what LOVE is. I thought for a moment what would be the best way to describe something as abstract as LOVE to a four year old without making his expectations too high or scarring him for life. I finally told him, "LOVE is that feeling you feel when you think about Mommie or Daddy or Grandma or Grandpa or Bubbas or's different than the way you feel about a stranger." I went on...blah, blah, blah. Turns out that a mother's voice describing the word LOVE is just what it takes to put a mad dog to sleep! We'll go on to live another day!

We got the garden plot squared up and properly delineated this week. The sod cutter and tiller were delivered to the ranch today, and I sent my boss an email with the garden plan. Once I hear back from him tomorrow, we will be ready to break ground! Irrigation plans are in the works, tomatoes are potted up in the greenhouse, seed potatoes have been cut and dipped in Rocket Fuel. My finger is itching to pull the trigger! Hopefully, my next post will be entitled, "Fire!"


  1. Hey Lisa-

    Im so glad you got your projects started!! Way to go sister! Cant wait to see you on Sunday! Kiss the babies for me!


  2. Oh that makes me want to plant so bad but I am glad you are carrying on the tradition. There is no smell like fresh plowed ground ready for the season. I love and envy you right now.