Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

We had snow today in the hill country! The kids and I played outside for a little while this morning and then headed inside for some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. What a great way to start the day! Harrison and I even had a snowball fight with snow we found piled up on the freeze cloth covering the fig trees. He declared himself the winner...I conceded!

Look at those beautiful beds! They are ready for compost, rock phosphate, and fertilizer. The soil guru said that the rock phosphate will help bring up my phosphorus levels and will release slowly into the native soil. He recommended
a fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorus with no potassium. The limestone rock in our soil makes the calcium levels very high and when I water, I'll be adding even more calcium from the well water. He suggested I collect and use rainwater. Here we go with another new project...rainwater collection! He recommended their premium blend of compost which is made from human waste. I just couldn't make myself purchase it even though I know it has been tested and deemed safe. Just doesn't seem right...I prefer to eat horse poop! The compost I ordered comes from the stables at Retama Downs in San Antonio and is being delivered in an 18 wheeler on Thursday if the weather cooperates. I will return to North Texas tomorrow and plan to return to the hill country and my garden on March 8th. The beds should be close to ready by then and hopefully irrigation will be started. The weather is really crazy and has a huge affect on how much we get accomplished out there. Let's hope old man Winter is ready for some rest!

I took this picture of our peach trees with buds starting to swell yesterday. It was sunny and almost 80 degrees.

This is a picture of the same peach tree today with snow on the ground! Go figure. The weather really does change dramatically every 12 to 24 hours lately. You just have no idea what to wear! Imagine how confused the trees must be. I REALLY hope the peaches won't be affected by this most recent snap.

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  1. beautiful garden spot. I will try and keep up on this now.