Thursday, August 26, 2010

Come to Mama

When I made my quick trip to "big city" as my son would call it, I got the chance to run into the mall for the first time in what seems like FOREVER.  I had a specific purpose and a very limited amount of time, so is was no leisurely stroll through the stores.  It was more of a mad dash.  On my list: a new pair of Jessica Simpson sunglasses (because mine are so badly scratched and stretched out), a new bra (because mine are so badly scratched and stretched out...ha ha...only kidding...stretched out, yes...scratched, not so much!), a new pair of black Reef flip flops (my daily shoe of choice), and I needed very badly to have my glasses repaired since I have been wearing them for months with only one arm.  I managed to prioritize and got my glasses fixed first.  This was a HUGE accomplishment.  I started trying on bras at Dillards...even got measured by the lingerie attendant lady and didn't find anything that I loved.  This is my new shopping mantra:  If you don't absolutely love it and I mean L-O-V-E, don't buy it!!!  I did get sucked into the Spanx display, though.  I was the lady standing in front of the television watching the video for half an hour.  I even tried on a few of their bras because after all, Oprah, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by them, right?  Well,  no L-O-V-E lost for me.  I moved on to shoes.  They were out of my beloved black Reefs.  I am choosing to believe that they are just out of them and not discontinuing them.  I don't think I could handle that at this point in my life.  I mean, life without my Reefs???  No.
I settled for some very cute and VERY comfortable flip flops made out of yoga mats.  REALLY!  Yoga mats!  They are like wearing around clouds on your feet.  They even have some cool zebra striped straps.  I will post a pic another day.  Next stop:  sunglasses.  Of course they didn't have the same ones I adore and have been wearing for a year, but I found a pair I liked and headed for the door.  But wait...what is that I see...OH BABY...COME TO MAMA...


and matching WEEKENDER...aka Mama Purse, which is my kinda purse and doubles as a diaper bag!  I love this brand and am currently carrying a green Gianni Bini bag that has been my best Summer bag ever.  Awesome thing about this leopard print beauty is that the inside is exactly the same as the one I have now.  It holds everything I need in three different compartments and even has separate pockets for my two cell phones, too.  I NEED this purse.  Wait a second...I L-O-V-E this purse.  I shall buy it and it shall be mine and I shall call it...well I need some time to name it.  I feel Fall coming on!  

Another great find that I love and want and need is one of these Fossil laptop cases.  The second one even has oilcloth on the bottom half making it water resistant.  This is a very important thing when you have 42 kids like me!  

I can see myself on the airplane headed to New Hampshire next month with this most awesome accessory holding my precious Mac-Y-Baby ( that's my computer in case you couldn't tell).  I better get to sleep so I can make some money to pay for all of these wonderful things that I love!  Ciao!

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