Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Break

I recently signed up for a fun photography assignment I found on Susanna Conway's blog.  Her photos are amazing and her philosophy is inspiring.  I need to practice taking better photos, so her August Break exercise is great for me since you have to share a photo every day of August.  No rules (thank goodness, since I already missed the second day!)...just fun.  I thought I'd share my photos with you!

August 1
Kitty, Kitty Sallie

I took this picture of our pretty kitty, Sallie, one evening while playing on a blanket with my kids under some pecan trees in our yard.  Secret:  I had to put her back up in the tree four times to get this shot!  She was like "Why???"

August 3
Looking to the Sky

We have been watching a nest of swallows on the porch outside of my bedroom for weeks.  Just yesterday I noticed for the first time that the babies had left the nest and were all lined up looking to the sky to take flight.  I couldn't catch the hummingbird that kept flying up in front of them as if coaxing them to blast off!  Beautiful little birds.  It was amazing watching the parents take such care in building the nest, feeding the babies, and teaching them to fly.  They make quite the mess on the porch, but I don't mind.  We just dodge the poop and they tolerate our occasional loud music and sounds of play. 

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