Monday, August 23, 2010

There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe...

You've heard stories about families with a bunch of kids where the mom takes the children out somewhere and manages to make it home without one of her little darlings.  In a panic she starts counting heads and grilling the other kids regarding the whereabouts of little Johnny.  These things unfortunately do happen, but never, NEVER to me...right?  Well.......I didn't leave a child anywhere, but I forgot a very, very important athletic meeting at our middle son's school this weekend.  I would still be oblivious if my husband didn't remember tonight in a panic.  Each player on the 8th grade football team was supposed to report to the gym last Friday or Saturday to check out their uniforms and check in with the coaches.  We COMPLETELY forgot!  I mean, stepson forgetting is one thing, but my husband and I both forgetting the same thing at the same time is crazy!  And SO EMBARRASSING!  I am really glad he (my husband) is the one having to talk to the coaches tomorrow morning.  There's not even a good lie for this one.  The fact is...we have a LOT of kids and we are doing the BEST we can! I wonder if the old lady in that shoe feels as guilty as I do right now?????  Poor guy...tomorrow's his first day at his new school, first day with a new football team and new coaches, and then THIS!  I will cook him roast beef and potatoes tomorrow night to help ease the pain of having a forgetful stepmom.  And...Lord willing and the creek doesn't rise... we will live to see another day!  Well.....maybe.  My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow (pain through the heart as I type) and I might not like it.  I will report back tomorrow.

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