Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rather Loyal to Rather Sweet

Rather Sweet Bakery and Cafe in Fredericksburg, Texas has been a favorite of mine for years.  I discovered it back in college when I was living in Johnson City and working in Fredericksburg.  

It is a quaint, delightful, and very tasty little spot that I have really enjoyed over the years.  I ate lunch there after doctor's check-ups during both of my pregnancies.  It was my little reward after being poked and prodded during those final days before giving birth to my son.  I have hosted bridal showers there and have invited many a girlfriend to join me there for a weekend lunch.  I love the atmosphere, I love the name, I love the food, and I think Rebecca Rather, the owner, has done a great job of branding and marketing her goods.  I appreciate, respect, and am inspired by women who have the gumption to take something they love to do and turn it into a successful business.  I also have her beautiful cookbook, which I would photograph and share with you if only I could find it.  I know it is in some box somewhere in our big cedar barn labeled "Step-woman's Books"(by Dylan, my step-daughter) awaiting the day when I finally make the time to finish unpacking from our move.  

They have a glass case full of amazing-looking desserts and pastries that make your mouth water.  My favorite cookie there is the Pink Pig.  It is perfect.

I went out on a limb this particular day and ordered something I had never tried before from the specials on their blackboard menu- Curry Chicken Salad.

I was not disappointed.  It was scrumptious!  The only thing that would have made it taste even better would have been faster service.  I literally waited for 50 minutes...for a salad!  There was no "quick lunch to go" happening around there that day.  I am a die-hard fan, though, and returned on Tuesday morning thinking surely I wouldn't have to wait long for breakfast.  I ordered an egg and cheese breakfast taco on corn tortillas.  Thirty-five minutes.  Because I know they cook to order and I had my cappucino to drink while I waited, I was okay.  After all, if I wanted McDonald's fast, I would go to McDonald's.  

This morning I was much wiser and  CALLED in an order for the same taco.  IT was waiting for ME when I got there and IT, along with the cappucino, was GREAT!  I might complain a little, but dammit, I'm loyal!  Check it out

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