Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Garden Bounty

This is seriously when I LOVE what I do!  Look at this gorgeous (albeit tiny) bounty from the garden...from Earth...from God...from tiny seeds...from dirt...from bare hands...and sweat...and drip irrigation...and my helper, Pilo!  Thank you, God (and Pilo) for a great first garden season.  It was a huge success and I owe it all to you!

Yesterday's bounty:  Eggplant, Plums, Tomatoes, and an assortment of Peppers 

Green, purple, and yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, 
banana peppers, chile pequins, and a few small poblanos.

Purple, yellow, and white eggplant.

Caution:  Objects in picture are even smaller than they appear.  

This is the only watermelon that grew in the garden this Summer.  It's so puny!  I will try again next year and hopefully get a better yield.

My three new Araucana chickens... Alberta, Maud, and Lucille 

They will start laying blue or green eggs sometime this Fall!  They are still adjusting to their new life and their new coop mates here.  The terms "old wet hen" and "pecking order" are being played out daily.  The new hens are terrified and have obviously not been allowed to free-range before.  They just stand there when I open the door to the coop and huddle in trio.  They look at me and then look at each other and then look at me again, mouths agape (chickens pant like dogs to keep cool).  I'm like, "Shoo, shoo" and they're like, "Huh, what?"   Again, "Shoo, git" and they say, "Wha?"  I give up, go about my day, and they stay inside the hot coop panting away.  Stupid, pretty birdies.  I love them and laugh at them and care for them... and they will someday give me eggs. What a great relationship!

Daily gifts from my sweet feathered friends

Having chickens is such a treat!  We are collecting about four eggs a day right now, which is up from one to two a day a few weeks ago.  The weather is beginning to cool down (thank goodness) and the girls are starting to pick up steam!  

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