Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wilson Farm in Concord, New Hampshire

I stepped off the plane in Manchester, New Hampshire and stepped into Autumn in New England.  Autumn is my favorite time of the year,  and this year, because of this glorious trip, I am getting to experience it a bit early.  Pumpkins, sunflowers, butternut squash, apples, mums, crisp, cool air that puts a spring in my step.  There is even a tiny hint of color creeping into the tips of the Maple trees.  I can't imagine a more beautiful place to visit in the Fall and I'm not even at camp yet!

The nice man at the information desk in the airport suggested a restaurant in downtown Manchester called Republic.  They serve locally grown vegetables and fruits.  This concept really rang our bell.  We hopped into our rented Chevy Cavalier and blazed a trail toward the restaurant.  Turns out I missed a turn and we ended up in a little town called Concord.  Left and right, mile after mile there were gardens full of vegetables, sunflowers, and even pick-your-own raspberries.  I wheeled into a farm stand and  Cinderella and I trotted inside.  The old red barn held a colorful bounty of eggplants, radishes, apples, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, corn, sunflowers, eggs, goat's milk and cheese, peppers, broccoli, and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.  For a farm girl like me and an "Auntie Organic" girl like Cinderella, we were in high cotton!  We broke out our cameras and lit up that old barn paparazzi style!  This produce was so beautiful, I just had to share.  So, without further ado, I present "Wilson Farm" in Concord, New Hampshire.

These are the best raspberries I've ever had.

Cinderella taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Me taking a picture of Cinderella taking a picture of me.

Look at all the mums in the field full of buds just waiting to bust onto the scene.  

We eventually made it to Republic and enjoyed a beautiful, tasty lunch there.  At some point on our way to Holderness it began to rain.  

We stopped off at Target and Michael's for some art supplies for one of my classes, and this is what we saw when we came out...

A rainbow!  What a wonderful welcome to New Hampshire!

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